Wednesday 29 July 2020

Women Supporting Women Challenge

You may have seen on Instagram the photo-sharing challenge "Women Supporting Women Challenge", but what exactly is this and what does it mean.

Women Supporting Women Challenge originated in Turkey. Turkey has one of the highest countries in the world regarding femicides, we may never know the exact number of murders each year, but from what I have read there are many, there have been several deaths this year alone.

The challenge is a lot more than a collection of black and white pretty selfies, the challenge was started by @zeycan_rochelle to bring to light to the injustices women in Turkey face. It's called Femicide where in turkey women are accustomed to seeing black and white photos of other women murdered by men.

The Women Supporting Women Challenge is a way for women around the world to stand in solidarity with the women we have lost and those that continue to suffer violence. Let us all stand together and empower each other.

For more information check out @beelzeboobz.