Monday 6 July 2020

Why I started Blogging and How you Can Too

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I first began blogging several years ago, it all began when I used to make my jewellery, I first just started sharing the designs on Twitter, but it wasn't enough once the feed has expired my work sort of disappeared from view, this led me to the blogging world. I began chatting on twitter and meeting bloggers and a whole new world opened up before my eyes.

I wanted to share what I had created without buying and creating a website, so hence a blog, it was a great way to showcase my designs, I loved it, I could share my designs and follow other jewellery designers, I could direct people to my blog and showcase my creations. I had a good few sales by doing this I would get emails DM's via twitter for sale requests and would find myself sometimes sitting up in the small hour creating these items of jewellery, it was amazing but equally exhausting. 

I adored making jewellery, but I worked part-time and had two very young children to look after, after some time I reluctantly gave up jewellery making and design, but the blogging element stayed. I loved the blogging world and knew I wanted to be a part of it. I checked out my competition (I always recommend this) and created Mummy Be Beautiful my first online blog was born.


Why start a blog:

Most of us have something we love to talk about, something we love to share, why not extend this passion and share it with other online, as I did, it can open up so many new doors, it a great way to share your also looks amazing on your CV.

Choosing a blogging platform:

The main two blogging platforms loved by bloggers is WordPress and Blogger, I first started with a WordPress blog, but after sometime opted for a blogger blog, mainly for simplicity and ease of use. There are lots of debates online about which one is best, I recommend you do a little research and decide which one is right for you, ME well I'm a blogger girl through and through, I love the layout design, I don't need to worry about plugins and extra add on's, some say the blogger can be limited for this reason, but for me its perfect and everything I need.

Choosing A niche:

What are you going to write about, book reviews, fashion, money, jewellery!! don't forget to choose a niche you have a passion for, this way you'll always have something to share with your readers. I'll always be a lifestyle blogger, why because it encompasses all of my passions in a nutshell, but remember the more niche you are the more likely you'll get those web hits.

Choose a domain:

You need a good catchy name, your name is what you'll be known by and how your readers will remember you, A quick bit of advice, name your blog after your name or something distinctly about you eg the girl in glasses or John bakes cakes!!, I found over the years my blogging changed from mummy blogging to entertainment blogging it was a natural progression as my boys got older, although this didn't impact my work or workload, I still use the blog today, but I wanted a name that reflects me now, I didn't want to lose the reputation and SEO I had built up over many years of blogging so changing the name was a no-no for me as it can seriously affect you google ranking, so I ended up starting a completely new blog, so remember one day your blog name may not fit you anymore so choose your name wisely.

Do I have to buy a Domain:

you don't have to pay for a domain name if you don't want to, My first jewellery blog was a simple I didn't buy a domain as I simply wanted a landing base for my admirers that I had built up on twitter. I have also seen many bloggers who blog regularly but still don't have a domain.

I think it very much depends on your reason for starting a blog and how you want that blog to grow, you won't get ranked on google if you don't have to own a domain, so if you're serious about starting a blog you may want a domain name to show your readers you are a serious blogger and well-chosen name will defiantly do this. Domains can be as low as £10 per year.

What can I achieve with writing a blog:

You can share your own personal life journey, review products or service, create and share recipes. Why not share that amazing hobby you have and how you started it or tell everyone about the movie and all those box sets you regularly watch.

Can I make money from blogging: 

Yes, it is possible, many bloggers do make a living income from their blogs, BUT it's not easy and can take bloggers years to achieve this, but the good news it can be done, BUT it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to get there. I will be sharing more about this in a later post.