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Saturday, 24 October 2020

Peckham Comedy Festival

Independent cinema Pop Up Screens is back this winter, taking over Peckham's pop with a season of exciting and immersive events. In-between themed cinema screenings (Forbidden Forest Cinema and Cinema in the Snow), Pop Up Screens will be trying its hand at comedy for the first time, launching the Peckham Comedy Festival.

Taking place from 12th to 15th November, the ‘festival’ will see renowned comedians such as Sara Pascoe, Dane Baptiste, Ed Gamble, Rosie Jones, Jade Adams, Lloyd Griffith, Kae Kurd, Simon Brodkin, Phil Wang and Lou Sanders all take to the stage in the indoor cinema’s comfy woodland setting.

With award-winning acts known for tv appearances on Never Mind the Buzz Cocks, QI, Task Master, Live at the Apollo, 8 out of 10 Cats, Netflix, The Last Leg and Mock the Week the inaugural comedy gathering aims to bring together the best of British comedy over just four nights.

Peckham Comedy Festival Line Up

Thursday 12th November 2020: Sara Pascoe, Dane Baptiste, Stephen Bailey, Catherine Bohart, MC Carl Donnelly

Friday 13th November 2020: Phil Wang, Lou Sanders, Jess Fostekew, MC Lloyd Griffith.

Saturday 14th November 2020: Ed Gamble, Kae Kurd, Michelle De Swarte, MC Jayde Adams

Sunday 15th November 2020: Sara Pascoe, Simon Brodkin, Isy Suttie, Rosie Jones, MC Thanyia Moore.

Adult tickets will be priced from £23 and sold in socially distanced pods of 2s and 4s.
Tickets can be booked from

Our COVID-19 safety precautions can be viewed here. All tickets will be refunded if events are cancelled due to COVID-19. All acts shown are correct at time of going to press.


The eagerly awaited London Mural Festival (LMF) is now open to the public with over 200 artists painted murals from Walthamstow to Wembley Park throughout September and October, with 75 plus large-scale murals and activations, most of which will last for years to come.  

The public are encouraged to download the latest map – and go and explore murals by well-known artists such as Camille Walala, Conor Harrington, D*Face, Marija Tiurina and Seb Lester. 

You can expect futuristic bridges, giant portraits, canal boats (if you can find them), theatres, gable-ends, air-vents, council estates and some of the biggest, brightest and best murals in the world. Please adhere to current government guidelines on Coronavirus (COVID-19) when visiting murals.

Lee Bofkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Global Street Art, the organisation behind the London Mural Festival commented "LMF is about increasing the amount of public art in London and giving artists a canvas to showcase their work in public. It has been a huge task to make LMF a reality and we are proud to deliver one of the world's biggest celebrations of muralism. We hope LMF has fostered a sense of pride in our streets and has brought positivity, unity and colour to London in these uncertain times.”

There was an open call for artists to participate and LMF received over 500 applications. Local, national and international artists were selected and showcased their work across the city, with more than 15 nationalities being represented, whilst the majority of murals were painted by UK-based artists. LMF aimed to be inclusive in both artwork and artist background.

Out of respect for creative freedom and the broad range of locations that were painting, LMF did not ask artists to follow a specific topic or theme. Whilst artists were allowed to express their own style, LMF consistently sought to reflect the wishes of the wall owners, occupants and local communities, and through consultation, landlords and communities chose the artists and artwork that they felt best suits to their location.

Thursday, 8 October 2020

What's On This Halloween

Rose A Love Story

Rose A Love Story:
Sam (
Stokoe) and Rose (Rundle) live a quiet life. Hunkered down in their remote woodland farmhouse, they spend their days far from the prying eyes of the outside world. Rose uses the peace and quiet to work on her novel, while Sam sets traps, hunts animals and goes to work fortifying the hidden cottage they call home. In another life, their world would seem idyllic; but Rose’s mystery illness has clouded any sense of normality that the couple may achieve.                 

When a trip to collect supplies goes awry, Sam and Rose are thrown into a terrifying series of events that soon herald the arrival of a mysterious stranger. The little life that the couple have forged for themselves is now more fragile than ever. 

Screening at London Film Festival (both P&I & Premiere) on 13th October

Cert: TBC

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die:
After Sam (Drew Fonteiro "The Last Ship") is murdered, his consciousness travels through the body of his best friend, Jay (Marc Menchaca "Ozark"), to protect him from his killer.
Available on Digital Download from 26th October

Alien Addiction:
Alien Addiction follows Riko (Jimi Jackson) who lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere (Waikato, New Zealand). Life was pretty normal until two aliens crash-landed near Riko’s house. He welcomes the aliens and together they develop an intergalactic relationship of epic proportions. Alientologist Peter Mackintosh (Thomas Sainsbury) has tracked the aliens and Riko, and plans to capture them and reveal them to the world.

Available on Digital Download from 12th October and can be purchased here

Halloween Treats - Squeamish Squares



150g Shredded Wheat

x6 Yorkie Bars

50g Marshmallows

200g Golden Syrup

1 Pack of Strawberry Laces

1 Pack of Jelly Tots

1 Bag of Milky Bars Buttons


  • Grease and line a 20cm square tin
  • Melt the Yorkie Bars and Golden Syrup together over a bowl of simmering hot water until melted.
  • Mix the Shredded Wheat and half of the Jelly Tots, Jelly Worms, and Marshmallows into a bowl and then stir in the Yorkie and Golden Syrup mixture until combined.
  • Pour the mixture into the tin and place in the fridge for a least an hour to set.
  • Melt the Milky Bar buttons and scatter across the top adding the rest of the jelly tots
  • Once set cut into squares.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Max Winslow and the House of Secrets


Munro Films is excited to announce the release date of October 23rd for spooky family Sci-Fi, Max Winslow and the House of Secrets.

Starring Sydne Mikelle as young tech genius Max, Chad Michael Murray and Marina Sirtis, the movie follows five teens, who are invited to the home of an eccentric billionaire to compete in a game to win his mansion, but the night takes a dark turn when they become trapped in the house and are forced to face off against each other and an evil AI entity who controls everything in the house, including their fate.


Proven to be entertaining for all the family following a #2 spot in the US Box Office and an 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Munro looks forward to introducing this title to a UK audience for the first time.

Four-time Emmy Award-Winning director Sean Olson is no stranger to the Sci-Fi Family genre after stewarding the multi-award-winning F.R.E.D.I in 2018. Max Winslow has been dubbed 'Black Mirror for kids' by its US audience and has been placed somewhere in between The Breakfast Club and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by reviewers.

Our Thoughts On The Movie:
We absolutely loved this movie, it was thrilling and intriguing and kept us on the edge of our seats, defiantly a must-see movie that the whole family will enjoy.
Friday, 11 September 2020

Unearth the mystery of the Havering Hoard in the Museum of London Docklands


Unearth the mystery of the Havering Hoard in the Museum of London Docklands’ new exhibition opening Friday 11 September 



Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery 

Museum of London Docklands 

Fri 11 Sep 2020 – Sun 18 Apr 2021 

Free with timed entry ticket to the museum


The largest Bronze Age hoard ever to be discovered in London, and the third-largest in the UK, will be the focal point of Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery, the Museum of London Dockland’s new major exhibition opening Friday 11 September. 


The exhibition will put the 453 tools, weapons and other objects that make up the entirety of the hoard on display to the public for the very first time. Displaying the hoard alongside objects from both the archaeological site itself and the museum’s collection, the exhibition digs deep into Bronze Age life during a time when the land where London now exists was a very different place. 

Starting with the moment of discovery, Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery will take visitors on a journey back through time to explore the mysteries, myths and realities surrounding the hoard’s burial.  


Highlights include:  

  • All 453 never seen before objects from the Havering Hoard 
  • Objects from the Museum of London’s permanent collection including Bronze Age crania showing evidence of blunt force trauma, telling a wider story of Bronze Age life thousands of years ago
  • Immersive photography and film projection recreating the experience of a Bronze Age landscape
  • A map from the Portable Antiquities Scheme displaying the location of more than 1,500 hoards across England and Wales helping to plot settlements on a wider scale
  • 3D renderings of some of the key objects from the hoard to allow closer examination including a terret ring, a sword fragment and a socketed axe head – all exceptionally rare examples of Bronze Age life 

The design of the exhibition is arranged around the movement of the sun, its rise in the east and setting in the west, bringing the discovery of the Hoard to life. Starting with the moment the first object was found as the sunset late on a Friday evening in September 2018, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the wonder of uncovering such a significant find. Clues left by the hoard about the people who lived and worked in the area during the Late Bronze Age will be examined before exploring how connected their society was to Europe almost 3,000 years ago. Visitors will then find themselves back in the present day, with a chance to examine some of the objects in greater detail while finding out more about the people involved in the discovery of the Havering Hoard and the work that’s still to be done. 

Monday, 31 August 2020

Among The Trees at The Haywood Gallery


Hayward Gallery’s new exhibition Among The Trees is fantastic featured an array of stunning artwork installations drawing and photographs from thirty-seven international artists.


The exhibition explores our relationship with the trees and forests and their role in our lives and our imagination. The awe-inspiring exhibition will allow you to feel closer to the magnificent natural beauty through various mediums which will leave you in awe.

We particularly enjoyed the cinematic portrait of a spruce tree, the entire exhibition will leave you mesmerised and at one with nature, a relaxing walk among the trees left us feeling inspired and relaxed. 

The exhibition is open on Wednesday – Saturday, 11am to 7pm and Sunday, 10am – 6pm until October 2020 at the Southbank Centre Haywood Gallery.

Book your timed tickets online, prices are £7.00 for children and £12.00 for adults.

Check out my Instagram page to see more stunning images of the exhibition